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Our Mission

Our Mission

Join us for a new approach to childbirth education; one that honors birth as a transforming life experience, respects the natural birth process and your ability to make fully informed and thoughtful decisions in the best interest of yourself, family and baby.
Sweet Reason respects your wishes for your birth experience, gives you the knowledge, confidence and support to overcome fear in birth, develop trust in your body, and become your most powerful advocate.
Non-judgemental, physical, and psychological preparation will allow you to embrace the unique creative process of birth, and connect with your baby, mind and body.
We will give you necessary tools to chose the right provider, location, and approach to care, from conception through postpartum.
Our class will also include: Comfort Measures for labor, Self Hypnosis, Developing a Birth Plan, Postpartum Personal and Newborn Care, Initiating Breastfeeding, Parenting Decisions, Sibling Adjustment, and Home Organization.


Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Introducing  THE ULTIMATE CHILDBIRTH COURSE In the Privacy of your own home!

Happy Healthy Child 

A Holistic Approach

Learn how to achieve your ideal pregnancy and birth …and how to care for your new baby.

This four-disc DVD series brings the wisdom, expertise and insights of more than

30 world-renowned experts directly to you.

At this time I am only scheduling private sessions.

Register and pay through the drop down Register Tab.

$35.00 for individual 1.5 hr Sessions

Set of 4, 1.5 hr Classes $130.00.

Register then Call to schedule 330-209-5351


Holistic Wellness Classes

All Essential oils classes are for Education with the goal of improving your health through Natural and holistic measures.

To schedule a Private Oils Consultation- 330-209-5351

6655 Strip Ave NW, North Canton

On Going the Second Tuesday and Thursday of every month.


One Hour Classes Include:
-Benefits of Breastfeeding
-Initiating Breastfeeding
-9 Instinctual Stages of Breastfeeding
-Correct Latch
-Breastfeeding Positions
-Common Problems
-Colic & Soothing a Fussy Baby
-Breast Care
-Breastfeeding Nutrition
-Infant Care
-Newborn Characteristics
-Bathing & Grooming
-Skin & Cord Care
-Holding & Swaddling
-Infant Sleep
Oct. 11th & 13th, Nov 8th & 10th, Dec. 13th & 15th
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